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Terlet, Salland, Zeeland , Weelde, Saint-Flor...
Multi-day gliding course
Terlet, Salland, Zeeland , Weelde, Saint-Flor...
Learn the basics of gliding in a 5 or 10 day course
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Terlet, Salland, Weelde
Day course gliding
Terlet, Salland, Weelde
Learn the basics of gliding yourself in this one-day course.
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Terlet, Salland, Weelde
Terlet, Salland, Weelde
Fly along in a glider. After a quick winch start, you will glide silently through the air.
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About the category gliding

In the gliding category, you will find all experiences related to gliding. You can fly with a pilot, day courses and courses of several days.

Co-flying is the cheapest option. You fly as a passenger in a glider. Of course this is very nice to get an idea of what gliding is all about.

With a day course you are all day at a gliding club. During such a day course you make at least 3 starts. If it is not busy you may even fly more than that. These take-offs are also gliding lessons, where you will steer by yourself. Furthermore, you will join the morning briefing during the day course, where the weather is checked and the details are discussed. You can take a look at the winch truck and help with building up and dismantling if you want to. In short, you experience what it is like to be a member of a gliding club for a day and to get lessons.

The multi-day courses are one step more serious than the day courses. With these you really make a start of your career as a glider pilot. These courses are a nice step towards your LAPL licence.

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