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Overview of all flying lessons, skydives, flight simulators and other experiences, throughout The Netherlands.

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Lelystad, Teuge, Hilversum
Cessna flying lesson
Lelystad, Teuge, Hilversum
Flying lesson with passengers. Fly with your instructor and 1 or 2 passengers in a Cessna.
Most popular
20 minutes
4.8 (253)Shop now
Terlet, Salland
Glider flying
Terlet, Salland
Fly along in a glider. After a quick winch start you float silently through the air.
1 takeoff
4.8 (332)Shop now
Breda, Hoogeveen, Texel, Zeeland, Ameland
Breda, Hoogeveen, Texel, Zeeland, Ameland
Jump together with an instructor from a height of 3 or 4 kilometers. With free fall!
1 jump
5.0 (164)Shop now
Glider flying day course
Learn the basics of glider flying in this one day course.
4.8 (43)Shop now
Blackshape flying lesson
The fastest of our planes. You sit behind each other, just like in a fighter plane.
20 minutes
4.7 (79)Shop now
Lelystad, Midden-Zeeland
Basic flying lesson
Lelystad, Midden-Zeeland
Flying lessons without passengers. Fly with an instructor in an airplane for two people.
20 minutes
4.9 (207)Shop now
Boeing 737 full-motion
Fly in a professional simulator. This flight simulator moves while flying, so you can 'feel' the plane.
139,-  119,-
30 minutes
4.9 (173)Shop now
Beginners course 5 lessons
Discover whether getting your pilot's license is for you. Make a flying start with this course.
2 person aircraft
5.0 (4)Shop now
Den Haag, Schiphol
Boeing 737 static simulator
Den Haag, Schiphol
Fly in a Boeing 737-800 simulator under the guidance of an experienced instructor.
60 minutes
4.8 (23)Shop now
Aerobatics flying lesson
Learn the basics of spiral dives, loops, spins and high curves. Are you courageous enough?
45 minutes
4.7 (35)Shop now

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