Give the gift of flying

About the gift voucher

With each order, you get a gift voucher by e-mail (see example). You'll receive the voucher almost instantly. After which you can print it and give it away. This way you have something nice to give and the excitement can begin! Also, you don't need to make an appointment right away. The recipient can do this with the gift voucher.

If you wish, we can send you a gift package with our theory book and a printed gift voucher. The theory book is available in two versions: for airplanes and for helicopters.

How we keep it a surprise

You'll receive the voucher in a white envelope without any markings. This way your gift will remain a surprise. Even when you're out for a second when it arrives. Also, we won't send any invoices nor do we mention any amounts on the voucher.

Ordered before 4pm, sent today

If you order on office days before 4pm, we will send the gift package the same day. You'll receive it in 1-2 business days. The package will fit in a normal mail box, so you don't need to stay at home for it. The optional gift package costs € 10. All prices include shipping within the Netherlands. Unfortunately it is not possible to send it to an address outside the Netherlands, and the booklets are only available in Dutch.

Theory of flight: how does a plane fly?

Our theory book covers the basics of flying in 24 colorful pages. We start with lift: how can a plane actually fly? Next, we show what happens when you make a turn. Then, we have a look inside the flight deck: which indicators are important for you as a pilot. How do you control the plane? Finally, we will cover some traffic rules in the air and for ground movement.

This book covers the theory of flying in a very accessible way. So you can read back after your flight and learn again what happened all around you.

The plane of the Basic Flying lesson has served as a model for the theory book. The booklet also goes well with the theory of the other planes. We have a special edition for helicopters.

"Hoe vliegt een vliegtuig?" (Dutch for: "How does a plane fly?"), Eveline van den Boom, founder of
Paperback | Dutch | 24 pages | ISBN 978-90-829039-0-4 | Book only:

Theory helicopters: how does a helicopter fly?

Our second book is about flying a helicopter. This theory book covers 24 colourful illustrated pages. First, we discuss how Lift is established in a helicopter. Next, we describe the controls of the plane, followed by some basic maneuvers. Like: picking up, forward flying, turns and autorotation. We also describe which instruments can be found in the flight deck and some basic traffic rules.

This special edition was meant as background information for your first flying lesson in a helicopter.

Hoe vliegt een helikopter?" (Dutch for: "How does a helicopter fly?"), Eveline van den Boom, founder of Paperback | Dutch | 24 pages | ISBN 978-90-829039-0-4 | Book only:

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