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Can I postpone or cancel the flying lesson?

Yes, free of charge up to 48 hours before the flying lesson. After that, costs may be charged, for example because the flying school can not book another students for that period, or costs have already been made.

I am slightly above the maximum weight or height, is that allowed?

Look at Specifications of the flying lesson of your choice. It states the maximum weight and the maximum length. The maximum length is partly dependent on your physique. Sometimes you can also fly if you are a few centimeters longer, but we cannot estimate this in advance. You then have the risk that the instructor finds it irresponsible, then you cannot fly. The maximum weight includes clothing and shoes, as you go on the plane. This may not be exceeded.

Is gliding still available in 2020?

You can check the availability on the pages for glider flying and the gliding day course.

The schedule can change on a daily basis, for example when people cancel their appointment. Please check these links regularly. There is no waiting list or queue you can sign up for. You can however go to our page with Last minutes and accept the notifications if you browse via your mobile phone.

In the schedule you'll find some backup days (in purple). They can only be reserved if you had an appointment in the past and you were called off because of the weather. If the day isn't end up full it will be released for all a week before.

In case your voucher expires out of the season, please contact us via the contactform and provide your voucher code. If you couldn't fly because of Corona, we extend your voucher 90 days after the original expiration date. If the expiration date is still out of the season, we will extend until the end of april, so you can come fly in the next season. You must arrange this before your voucher expires.

You can also exchange your voucher for another experience that is available all year. This can be done on the reservations page.

How far can I fly in 20 minutes, half an hour or an hour?

With every experience you will find a map of the Netherlands. Click on the location to see an indication of how far you can fly. We are not allowed and able to fly everywhere. The actual route is determined in consultation with the instructor.


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