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How far ahead should I make a reservation?

Usually you can go to your flying lesson within a week. It can take a bit longer for the weekends. Book at least two days in advance due to the planning of the flying schools. Some products are seasonal, such as gliding. In addition, gliding has limited availability. So book this well in advance.

How far can I fly in 20 minutes, half an hour or an hour?

With every experience you will find a map of the Netherlands. Click on the location to see how far you can fly. For Lelystad, for example, you can fly around the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk in 20 minutes. In 30 minutes you will fly approximately to Nijkerk or the Veluwe and back. And in an hour to Amersfoort, Barneveld, het Gooi, Zwolle, Enkhuizen or Hoorn.

Is the flying lesson available on a specific date?

You can see in the calendar under the flying lesson when there is availability. You can then book directly. You can see the availability of the color:
Red means that the day is no longer available.
Yellow means that the day is almost full.
Green means that there is still sufficient availability in the planning.
Gray means that the day is on request. You can make a reservation for this day. The flying schools are doing their utmost to schedule you for that day.

What is the minimum age of the student or passenger?

Take a look at the Specifications section of the flying lesson of your choice, that is what it says.


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