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Corona update: we are flying again!

All locations, questions and answers

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has a huge impact on everyday life. The team hopes that you and your loved ones are healthy. Like most companies, we also take measures in response to COVID-19.

As of the 11th of may, most of the restrictions regarding flying lessons are no longer in effect. Most of our flying schools are resuming their operations. Not all flying schools will be operational on the same day. There are also some precautions they need to take and they need to get their instructors up to speed again.

In the table below you can see which lessons will start at which date, and whether any additional restrictions apply. Please read this page carefully before you contact us. If you do so, we prefer an e-mail.

We advise you to book timely for this season. It is very busy with all bookings at the moment.

Lesson Location Starts at Limitations
Airbus A320 Simulator Lelystad June 16 No passengers or 1 household
Basic flying lesson Lelystad June 1 -
Midden-Zeeland May 11 -
Ballooning All Not yet known Not yet known
Blackshape flying lesson Lelystad June 1 -
Boeing 737 simulators All April 1 No passengers
Cessna flying lesson Lelystad June 1 Max. 2 persons on board
Midden-Zeeland May 11 Max. 2 persons on board
Drone flying lesson All April 1 -
Helicopter flying lesson Lelystad May 11 Max. 2 persons on board
Skydiving Texel June 1 -
Breda June 5 -
Zeeland June 6 -
Hoogeveen June 6 -
Ameland Not yet known Not yet known
Paragliding lesson Almelo June 3 -
Noordeloos Not yet known Not yet known
Paramotor flying course All June 1 -
Aerobatics flying lesson Lelystad June 1 -
Flight Lelystad - Texel Lelystad June 1 Max. 2 persons on board
Glider flying Terlet June 1 -
Salland July 1 -

For the upcoming period (at least until the 1st of june) the following precautions and limitations apply:

  • There is a maximum of 2 persons on board. If you have a flying lesson in a Cessna or other 4 seat plane, note that you cannot bring passengers with you. You can wait until this rule is dropped or change your experience to another one. You can do this via the Reservation page: enter your voucher ID and choose "Change voucher". HINT: Skydiving is now possible for 2 or more persons!
  • In case you or your family members have any health complaints (nose cold, coughing, fever or shortness of breath)? You cannot fly. Change your appointment on the Reservation page
  • Limit your stay at the flying school. Please come on time, but not early.
  • Respect the hygiene rules: wash your hands, don't shake hands, sneeze or cough in your elbow.
  • Keep 1,5 meter distance, outside of the aircraft.
  • Masks are mandatory for some locations. If this isn't mentioned, you may assume it is not neccessary. In case they are requested, you will get the masks when you come fly.
  • Bring as few people as possible to the flying school. Preferably only the person that is going to fly and a companion.
  • The health rules will also apply for instructors. We do our best to get a working planning. However, it might still be possible that your flight is postponed. We request your understanding for this.

Can I order and make a reservation?

Absolutely! And we recommend you to do so. We expect a lot of bookings this summer. Please order and make your reservation as soon as possible. See our flying experiences on the homepage.

My reservation was before the expected startdate. What do I do?

You can make a new appointment using the reservation page.

Can I change my experience for something else?

Of course, it is always possible to change your experience. Enter your voucher code on the reservation page and choose "Change voucher" to change options or select another experience.

My voucher is about to expire or has just expired. What can I do?

If your voucher expired between the 1st of March 2020 and a month after the expected starting date of your voucher, we can extend the expiration date. In case of seasonal experiences (like gliding) we extend your voucher for 180 days, otherwise we extend it for 90 days. Please send us an e-mail using the contact page and mention your voucher ID and we will get back to you.

Because of Corona I can't fly, is it possible to get a refund?

Unfortunately not. You are still very welcome to come and fly, but perhaps not when you originally wanted to. There is a leniency policy for the period of validity. Please send us a message stating your gift voucher number for this. Given the large amount of questions, we kindly ask you not to call us about this.

I want to make an appointment, how can I do this?

You can only make an appointment via our Reservation page. Please do not mail or call us, because the appointments are handled by the locations.

When does skydiving/paragliding start again?

We don't know when skydiving and paragliding will start again and with which limitations. We will update the overview on this page as soon as we know more. You can also follow our Facebook page:
Update may 30th: skydiving on Texel starts on the 1st of june. Midden-Zeeland and Hoogeveen on the 6th of june. Other locations will be announced shortly.
Update may 31th: skydiving in Breda starts on the 5th of june.
Update june 1st: paramotor flying has started today, note that this is something else than paragliding.
Update june 3rd: paragliding in Almelo started again

When do you start with hot air ballooning?

This is still unknown. Current measures allow us to fly with 2 people. That is not sufficient. We also need to drive together from the landing spot back to the starting place. That is also not allowed. Please wait for updates, check out this page or follow our Facebook page

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