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Corona update september 18

All flying lessons and skydives take place again! Since march 3, 2021 we have started flying again. Passengers are allowed as well, when they are from the same household. Flight simulators and drone lessons also take place. For the most part they weren't affected by the latest lockdown.

Since the loosening of the restrictions as announced on May 11, skydiving is also possible again.

What takes place and what not?

Experiences that take place are:

With a limited number of locations:

  • Paragliding currently only takes place from Almelo. Noordeloos will start up later in the season.
Do you have a question about an existing reservation?

Please contact the location where you have the reservation. You got the details by e-mail. They can also be found on with your vouchercode.


Extended validity

Although flying started for the better part, we still issue vouchers with a longer validity than normal. All vouchers issues before the end of march will be valid for 1.5 years (fun coupons for 2 years). From september 1 all voucher will be valid for 1 year, as usual. This way you'll always have ample time to make your booking.

Existing vouchers also extended

Existing vouchers will also be extended for the time we couldn't fly. The extra time is counted from the original expiration date. To apply for an extension, use our contactform. We cannot process an extension via phone or chat. Please mention your vouchercode so we know right away about which order your enquiry is. Note that an extension will only be granted if the voucher is still valid.



The same precautions are before the lockdown will be in effect. Flying schools and clubs are considered "contact professions". A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Facemasks are mandatory in all the public space, so also in flying schools and in the airplanes
  • Don't bring more people than necessary to the location. Preferably only the participants (student and passengers) and optionally your driver. Please don't come much earlier than the scheduled time.
  • Have an ID document (passport, ID card, etc.) with you
  • Don't come to the location if you have health complaints or a fever
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Have a lot of fun flying and be safe!

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Questions about Corona

Should I make a reservation already?

Yes, absolutely! March is usually the first busy month of the year. Also there is a backlog of clients that are waiting to fly since the christmas period. A lot of flying lessons are given as a present around those days. If you see a free spot in the calendar, please don't hesitate to book it. We expect very busy weeks.
Also, the validity is extended for all vouchers issued in march 2021.

See our flying experiences on the homepage to get started.

Can I change my experience for something else?

Of course, it is always possible to change your experience. Enter your voucher code on the reservation page and choose "Change voucher" to change options or select another experience.

I have had less time to fly. Can you extend my voucher?

We have a leniency scheme for customers that had less time to make their appointment. Please check this arrangement to see if you meet the requirements and to apply for it online. You cannot apply for extra time by phone or our chat.
Important: extensions are only granted when the voucher is still valid.

I want to make an appointment, how can I do this?

You can only make an appointment via our Reservation page. Please do not mail or call us, because the appointments are handled by the locations.

Is it allowed to have passengers?

Absolutely. The most recent restrictions were lifted march 3. Passengers are allowed if they are from the same household. After march 30, passengers from other households may also join.

Do I need a vaccination or test?

No, our experiences are non medical contact professions. So what you don't have to do to go to the barber is also not necessary for flying with us.

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