Give the gift of flying

Decision aid

Tell us what you like and we'll give you advice about suitable experiences and flying lessons. It looks like there are many questions. No worries, some will disappear while you fill it out.

Is it a gift?

We'll keep referring to "you" even when you indicate it is a present in further questions.

Do you want a real flight or do you wish to stay on the ground

Do you wish to fly yourself or to fly along?

Do you wish to fly the airplane yourself or do you just want to join in, like with a skydive or a scenic flight.

Do you fancy something adventurous?

Do you wish to take passengers with you?

With some lessons there is a backseat where passengers can sit. Or the can join you in the cabin of a flight simulator.

Are you taller than 1.95m? (6' 4.77")

Finally, we have some questions about length, weight and age so we can inform you about any limitations.

Are you heavier than 95kg? (209 lbs)

Are you younger than 16 years?

This is the last question. Promised!

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