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We bring your experiences to the attention of a large international audience. All sales information and our customer service is available in Dutch, English, German and Spanish.

Interested customers helps you get customers and students with a genuine interest in flying. Our customers are specifically looking for flying experiences and not just a day out.

Specialist in flying lessons

We understand your operation, because we are pilots ourselves. Therefore, we can give customers focused answers to almost all practical questions and get them excited about flying.

Fair prices

Tell us how much you need to provide your flying lessons and we'll go with that. After all, with the right customers, you don't need discount offers.

Arranged down to the last detail

Our platform takes a lot of work off your hands. We make sure that reservations arrive at your door ready to go. All you have to do is fly and we'll take care of the rest.

Only flight experiences

We only offer flying experiences. That way, your flying lessons and skydives get the attention they deserve.

About is the online specialty store for flying experiences. In our web store we sell all kinds of flying lessons, sightseeing flights, parachute jumps and simulator sessions.

Our target group

We focus on people who have an affinity with flying. Often they have dreamed of flying themselves since childhood or have spent the necessary hours in a flight simulator.

About 80% of our customers receive a flying lesson or jump as a gift:

  • From a family member or friend
  • From colleagues who have raised money
  • Sometimes even as a last wish

Regularly they also have the ambition to follow up with a whole training course. Of course, the flying lessons are not just given as a gift. The lessons are also ordered to orientate which form of the flying sport suits someone. Or because they find enrolling for a whole course a step too far.

Finally, we often see people order the flying lessons for more professional purposes. For example ATPL pilots who want to practice on a simulator for a grading. Or construction companies who have employees take a drone training course with us to do inspections. in numbers

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What differentiates us focuses on a higher segment of customers. The flying lessons are not always the cheapest, but we do go for quality: all our employees are pilots or specifically trained in everything that is involved in flying. We can advise customers on which flying experiences suit them best.

We sell your flying lessons at prices that make it really worthwhile for you. This is how we distinguish ourselves from the well-known deal- and action sites, which ask for high discounts. We work the other way around: our customers have a dream and are looking for the best flying experience within their budget.

"Every gift should be a celebration"

We believe that every gift you order from us should be a party to get. The prices on the site are therefore complete, so that customers do not have to expect any surprises at the counter. And if there are any surcharges, they are all listed.

For the execution of our flights we cooperate with flight schools, clubs, paracentres and other providers throughout Europe.

For each product and each airport, we look for the most suitable partner. We want to be able to read and write with our providers. As far as we are concerned, mutual acceptance is the key to success. We deliberately only work with one flight school per airport.

We want to be able to read and write with our providers".

We aim for long-term partnerships that are interesting for both us and the provider.

Our catalogue sells a number of types of flight experiences that can be redeemed at multiple locations. We then purchase these flights from various flight schools. You can join them as a provider. For example:

We also have room for more specific packages, which you offer on your own. Like the overland flying lessons from Lelystad to Texel. Or the multi-day courses of gliding clubs, which have a different programme and prices per club.

Success Stories

From partners we are proud of

Boeing 737 full-motion simulator
Simulator en Trainingscenter Lelystad

Theo's company Simulator and Training Centre Lelystad has been a partner of since 2015. His Boeing 737 full motion flight simulator was before that in the aviation museum of Lelystad (Aviodrome), but moved to its own location.

A disadvantage of having your own location is that people no longer automatically walk by. Promoting a product such as a flight simulator yourself is also difficult. About 95% of the searches within that genre are from people looking for help with the well-known computer game.

A full motion flight simulator is an advanced machine, which can break down a lot. We are only looking for serious customers."

Through, Theo was able to reach a large group of interested visitors who are genuinely interested in aviation and want to come and fly in a professional flight simulator.

Drone flying lesson Leiden
Drone Flight Experience

Drone Flight Experience is one of the providers of the drone courses on and they have been active since 2017.

When Kevin and Rodney contacted about a collaboration in the field of drone lessons, there was not much in this field. They saw a great need among people who are anxious about going out with their drone. For example, because they had already flown (near) damage or had to deal with enforcement.

Of course you can learn a lot from YouTube videos and from manuals, but practicing with a "learning drone" is irreplaceable. As an instructor, they explore with the student the limits of what the technology can do, learn how to act in emergency situations and safety risks.

“How do we reach the right people?”

Their question to was: how do we reach the right people? How do we bring our flying lessons to the attention of people who don't want to figure it out themselves, but want professional training. Together, we got drone training off to a flying start.

Want to know more about working with us?

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