Give the gift of flying


Flying lessons in professional simulators

Full motion flight simulator
Fly yourself in a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 simulator with moving cabin.
30 minutes
4.9 (378)Shop now
Schiphol, Den Haag, Lelystad, Oudenaarde
Static flight simulator
Schiphol, Den Haag, Lelystad, Oudenaarde
Fly yourself in a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 flight simulator, with fixed cabin.
30 minutes
4.9 (94)Shop now
F16 simulator
This is what it feels like to fly in a fighter jet! Fly yourself in a lifelike F16 flight simulator.
60 minutes
4.9 (89)Shop now
Lelystad, Schiphol, Ostend
Fear of flying course
Lelystad, Schiphol, Ostend
Overcome your fear of flying during this private training in a full motion simulator or a static simulator.
1 person
5.0 (78)Shop now
Flight simulator without instructor
Fly independently in a simulator, without an instructor.
90 minutes
4.7 (3)Shop now
Cessna flight simulator
This used to be a real plane, now a flight simulator with a 180 degree screen.
20 minutes
5.0 (3)Shop now
Helicopter simulator
Fly yourself in a real-life helicopter simulator.
1 person
5.0 (1)Shop now
Air traffic control simulator
Experience what it is like to work as an air traffic controller.
90 minutes
5.0 (2)Shop now

About the category simulators

This category has all professional flight simulators. The simulators are used by airline pilots worldwide to practice their skills. Especially to train procedures they fortunately don't have to use on a daily basis. The flight simulators are real life copies of complete flight decks, with everything working as in the real plane.

You can fly in such a simulator as well. You can choose where you want to fly, in what weather conditions. If you opt for a full motion simulator it will even move and tilt when you fly. This makes it even more realistic.

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