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Flying lessons

Flying lessons for one time

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Lelystad, Teuge, Hilversum
Cessna flying lesson
Lelystad, Teuge, Hilversum
Flying lesson with passengers. Fly with your instructor and 1 or 2 passengers in a Cessna.
Most popular
20 minutes
4.8 (253)Shop now
Blackshape flying lesson
The fastest of our planes. You sit behind each other, just like in a fighter plane.
20 minutes
4.7 (79)Shop now
Lelystad, Midden-Zeeland
Basic flying lesson
Lelystad, Midden-Zeeland
Flying lessons without passengers. Fly with an instructor in an airplane for two people.
20 minutes
4.9 (207)Shop now
Aerobatics flying lesson
Learn the basics of spiral dives, loops, spins and high curves. Are you courageous enough?
45 minutes
4.7 (35)Shop now
Sas van Gent
Flying a Trike
Sas van Gent
Feel the freedom under a delta wing. You fly in an open trike with the engine on the back.
20 minuten
5.0 (5)Shop now
Multi-engine flying lesson
Fly in a multi-engine airplane. Two passengers can fly with you.
30 minutes
4.0 (1)Shop now
Ultra light flying lesson
Take a flying lesson in a state of the art microlight airplane
30 minutes
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About the category flying lessons

In the flying lessons category you will find all individual flying lessons. You can order these without following an entire training. Experience is also not necessary, so it's also very suitable as a gift. These flying lessons are fun as a daytrip or to try out if you want to get your license.

If you're already sure you want to follow a complete training, you might want to have a look in the flying courses category.

Most flying lessons in this category are fun for half a day. If you are looking for a program for the day, you could have a look at the cross-country flights: with those you fly to another airport and back.

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