About the product group Electric flying

Electric flying is the future. The end of fossil fuels is in sight. If you want to fly in an electric plane yourself, this is the place to be. Both locations fly with a Pipistrel Velis, the only aircraft on the market so far that has made electric flying accessible to a large public.

The flying lessons in this product group are similar. The same type of aircraft is used at all locations. So let your choice depend on the distance to the airport.

Compare experiences

Prices of the experiences may differ. This also applies to additional options and limits, such as for age, weight and height. Click on an experience to read all about the location and the package. Or click on Compare locations to see the differences in a table.

What is closest?

If you click on Show distances and share your location with us, we will also show you the distances. This way you can see what is closest for you: Teuge or Aachen.

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