About the product group Multi-day gliding course

If you want to follow a complete training in gliding, a course of several days is very suitable. You don't have to become member of a gliding club immediately. In a multiple day course, you are going to follow gliding lessons with an instructor. You learn the basics of gliding. All the hours you make count for your certificate.

These courses of several days are a pleasant way to discover if you like the training enough to keep it up. Because that you like gliding you probably already know. But to complete a training successfully, quite some perseverance is needed.

The availability depends on the gliding club where you will follow the course. Also the number of days per package can vary. Above you can see all the different possibilities per location. Please note, these are real gliding lessons. If you are looking for a gliding flight, without taking lessons, go to our frontpage and click on gliding for the gliding packages.

If you need help with the selection, please let us know. We are happy to help you!

Compare experiences

Prices of the experiences may differ. This also applies to additional options and limits, such as for age, weight and height. Click on an experience to read all about the location and the package. Or click on Compare locations to see the differences in a table.

What is closest?

If you click on Show distances and share your location with us, we will also show you the distances. This way you can see what is closest for you: Terlet, Salland, Zeeland , Weelde or Saint-Florentin.

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