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F16 simulator
This is what it feels like to fly in a fighter jet! Fly yourself in a lifelike F16 flight simulator.
60 minutes
4.9 (88)Shop now
Indoor skydive
Discover the feeling of skydiving in a freefall simulator.
1 person
5.0 (212)Shop now
Schiphol, Lelystad, Den Haag, Oudenaarde
Static flight simulator
Schiphol, Lelystad, Den Haag, Oudenaarde
Fly yourself in a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 flight simulator, with fixed cabin.
30 minutes
4.9 (92)Shop now
Sas van Gent
Flying a Trike
Sas van Gent
Feel the freedom under a delta wing. You fly in an open trike with the engine on the back.
20 minuten
5.0 (28)Shop now
Noordeloos, Almelo
Noordeloos, Almelo
Fly a paraglider with an experienced instructor. Enjoy the silence and freedom.
1 takeoff
4.8 (12)Shop now
Terlet, Salland, Weelde
Terlet, Salland, Weelde
Fly along in a glider. After a quick winch start, you will glide silently through the air.
1 takeoff
4.8 (541)Shop now
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20 euro
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