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The tandem paragliding flight is the most popular of all the paragliding experiences that we offer.

During a tandem flight, you fly together with an instructor on a paragliding wing. Such a wing looks like a parachute, but it is not. It works in much the same way as an aeroplane wing. It is not meant to slow you down, but to build up lift and take off.

The tandem flights that we offer are all winch starts, you are pulled into the air with a cable. Then your instructor will look for thermals. That is rising air, which is caused by local heating of the earth. So yes, you can actually rise!

If you want more than just to fly along, we also have introduction days and even packages as preparation for your Brevet 1.

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If you click on Show distances and share your location with us, we will also show you the distances. This way you can see what is closest for you: Almelo or Noordeloos.

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