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Fly along and flying lessons

Daycourse paragliding
Full day of instruction for paragliding. Concluding with a tandem or solo flight.
1 start
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Almelo, Val Louron, Allevard
Multi-day paragliding course
Almelo, Val Louron, Allevard
Learn the basics of paragliding yourself in a multi-day course
5 starts
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Paragliding License 1
Get your paragliding Brevet 1 (Licence 1) in this two- or three day course. Includes 15 winch starts.
15 starts
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Noordeloos, Almelo
Noordeloos, Almelo
Fly a paraglider with an experienced instructor. Enjoy the silence and freedom.
1 takeoff
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About the category paraglide

In this category you find all experiences regarding paragliding. With paragliding you fly under a parachute like with skydiving but it is a very different experience. With paragliding you use the parachute as a wing instead of braking a fall.

You can get paragliding in a couple of experiences that start with flying along, daycourses and multi day courses. You can even get to your "Brevet 1" (License 1).

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