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Salland, Terlet, Weelde
Day course gliding
Salland, Terlet, Weelde
Learn the basics of gliding yourself in this one-day course.
1 person
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F16 simulator
This is what it feels like to fly in a fighter jet! Fly yourself in a lifelike F16 flight simulator.
60 minutes
4.8 (42)Shop now
Salland, Terlet, Weelde
Salland, Terlet, Weelde
Fly along in a glider. After a quick winch start, you will glide silently through the air.
1 takeoff
4.8 (511)Shop now
Blackshape flying lesson
The fastest of our aircraft. You sit one behind the other, just like in a jet plane.
20 minutes
4.8 (141)Shop now
Almelo, Noordeloos
Almelo, Noordeloos
Fly a paraglider with an experienced instructor. Enjoy the silence and freedom.
1 takeoff
4.8 (12)Shop now
Flight Lelystad - Texel
Flying lesson from Lelystad to Texel and back. In a two or four-person plane.
2-person aircraft
4.7 (33)Shop now

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