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Theory of flight: how does a plane fly?

Our theory book covers the basics of flying in 24 colorful pages. We start with lift: how can a plane actually fly? Next, we show what happens when you make a turn. Then, we have a look inside the flight deck: which indicators are important for you as a pilot. How do you control the plane? Finally, we will cover some traffic rules in the air and for ground movement.

This book covers the theory of flying in a very accessible way. So you can read back after your flight and learn again what happened all around you.

The plane of the Basic Flying lesson has served as a model for the theory book. The booklet also goes well with the theory of the other planes. We have a special edition for helicopters.

"Hoe vliegt een vliegtuig?" (Dutch for: "How does a plane fly?"), Eveline van den Boom, founder of
Paperback | Dutch | 24 pages | ISBN 978-90-829039-0-4 | Book only:

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