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Tecnam scenic flight Ursel
Price € 69 30 minutes
  • Ursel
Category Scenic flights
Spoken languages Nederlands English
Persons 1
Season All year
Minimum age 8 year
Min. height -
Max. length 2.00 m
Max. weight 120 kg
Participation Guest flight
Time Block Time
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About the equation

In the table you can see the differences between the chosen flying lessons, parachute jumps and other experiences.: Tecnam scenic flight Ursel . The following is a short explanation of the equation.

All experiences in the comparison are equally expensive, i.e. € 69.

Minimum age

There is a minimum age for some experiences. Sometimes it is possible to participate at a younger age. If in doubt, please contact us before booking. You may be the youngest to participate in Tecnam scenic flight Ursel . The minimum age for this is 8 year. You have to be the oldest to participate in Tecnam scenic flight Ursel , which is 8 year.

Maximum weight

Many experiences have a weight limit for safety reasons. The maximum weight is always including your own clothes and shoes. If there are passengers in the aircraft, then the total weight of all the passengers and the student is valid. The weight of the instructor doesn't have to be counted. The lowest maximum weight is Tecnam scenic flight Ursel and applies to 120 kg. The highest maximum weight is 120 kg and applies to Tecnam scenic flight Ursel .

Maximum length

A maximum length is indicated if above a certain body height you can no longer sit well in the plane. For tandem jumps there is often a maximum length due to the fit of the equipment. You may be the least bit tall for Tecnam scenic flight Ursel , there is a maximum height of 2.00 m. The highest maximum length 2.00 m is in Tecnam scenic flight Ursel .


Some activities are seasonal. So for these experiences, make sure you make your appointment in time. For Tecnam scenic flight Ursel there is no season. It takes place all year round.

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