Skydive Zeeland


Skydive Zeeland

€ 209

1 person

Jump together with an instructor with a free fall. From 9000 or 13000 feet height.


Nederlands English
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Persons 1 - 2
All year
Only available during in its season. Please check the validity of your voucher.
Age From 8 on
1.20 m
Minimum height of the participant
105 kg
Maximum weight of the student, including clothes. For safety.
Tandem jump
How you participate: is it a flying lesson or do you fly along.
2 years
How long the voucher is valid after issue. Dit geldt alleen voor nieuwe bonnen.


1 person € 209
2 persons € 409
3 persons € 609
4 persons € 809
5 persons € 1,009
Cost Skydive Zeeland


  • Jumping is only possible in good weather conditions: sufficient visibility, the wind not too strong and dry.
  • On the day of your jump, call the location to see if we can jump. You will receive the phone number with your reservation
  • Depending on the weather conditions and the crowds on the field, the agreed times can be a bit longer.
  • Total program takes about 2 hours
  • At three kilometers altitude it is cooler than on the ground. You're so full of adrenaline that you do not even notice it
  • This experience can also be followed in English
  • There is no maximum age, as long as you have a reasonable condition and meet the other requirements, you can jump far beyond the retirement age.
  • Before landing it is important that you can pull your knees up to your chest.
  • Skydiving during pregnancy is not recommended
  • Under 18 years of age, written permission from one of the parents is required
  • You can also have this unique experience filmed. These images are made with a camera on the hand of the instructor. The preparation, the flight up and the jump are recorded. You will be emailed a link to download the footage afterwards. During the preparation on the ground and in the plane, the instructor can film two pairs. In the air, he can only focus on one person.


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61 reviews

5.0 out of 5

61 reviews

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· June 2024

Yes, it was amazing. I want to do it again!

  • That I did it😂
Follmann Klaus

· July 2023

It was a voucher for my son and his wife. They felt fantastic and enjoyed it very much.

  • The feeling of free falling.
  • Nothing.
Arno Wenneker

· July 2023

In een woord Geweldig! Het was een geweldige ervaring om uit een vliegtuig te “springen” om vervolgens van een vrije val te genieten. Alles was door jullie in de puntjes geregeld. Dit smaakt naar meer. Ik kan het iedereen aanbevelen om dit te ervaren.

  • De hele belevenis van het boeken tot aan het springen.
  • Ik kan geen minpunten bedenken

In a word Great! It was a great experience to "jump" out of a plane and then enjoy a free fall. Everything was organised by you guys to perfection. This tastes like more. I can recommend it to everyone to experience this.

  • The whole experience from booking to jumping.
  • I cannot think of any negative points
Translated from dutch. View original
Simon van Heerwaarden

· June 2023

Het was een geweldige ervaring. Het moment van uit het vliegtuig springen is fantastisch.
Vallen met een rotgang (200 km/u) en daarna 30 seconden vrije val voordat de parachute open gaat. Dan ineens een flinke ruk en daarna langzaam naar beneden zweven met een geweldig uitzicht.
De laatste 100 meter zie je pas hoe snel die aarde op je af komt. En dan de landing op je platte reet.
Totale duur van de sprong 5 à 6 minuten. Heerlijk. Er is niets moedigs aan.

  • Het moment dat je uit het vliegtuig gaat.
  • Gewoon niets

It was a great experience. The moment of jumping out of the plane is fantastic.
Falling at breakneck speed (200 km/h) and then 30 seconds of free fall before the parachute opens. Then suddenly a big jerk and then slowly floating down with amazing views.
Only in the last 100 metres do you see how fast that earth is coming at you. And then landing on your flat ass.
Total duration of the jump 5 to 6 minutes. Delightful. There is nothing brave about it.

  • The moment you leave the plane.
  • Just nothing
Translated from dutch. View original
Arina van der Hammen
Wijk en Aalburg

· August 2022

Een geweldige ervaring

  • Als eerste mogen, het opengaan van de parachute en daarna
  • Alles is goed

A great experience

  • As first may, the opening of the parachute and afterwards
  • Everything is good
Translated from dutch. View original

· August 2022

Ervaren mensen die je op je gemak stellen. Een machtig en sereen gevoel tijdens de sprong met een schitterend uitzicht. Al met al een fantastische ervaring.

  • Dat ze je op je gemak stellen, het machtige gevoel in de lucht en het uitzicht.
  • Niets

Experienced people who put you at ease. A powerful and serene feeling during the jump with stunning views. All in all, a fantastic experience.

  • That they put you at ease, the powerful feeling in the air and the view.
  • Nothing
Translated from dutch. View original
No obligations

€ 209

1 person

Jump together with an instructor with a free fall. From 9000 or 13000 feet height.

  • No experience needed
  • 33,141 bought
  • Specialist in flying lessons
  • English speaking instructors

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