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Overview of all flying lessons, parachute jumps, flight simulators and other cool experiences.

Daycourse paragliding
Full day of instruction for paragliding. Concluding with a tandem or solo flight.
1 start
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Paragliding License 1
Get your paragliding Brevet 1 (Licence 1) in this two- or three day course. Includes 15 winch starts.
15 starts
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Pipistrel flying lesson
Flying lessons with an experienced instructor in a two-seater ultralight Pipistrel SW 121
20 minutes
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Indoor skydive
Discover the feeling of skydiving in a freefall simulator.
1 person
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Tecnam scenic flight Ursel
Scenic flight for 1 person. Fly with a pilot in a two-person aircraft.
30 minutes
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Air traffic control simulator
Experience what it is like to work as an air traffic controller.
90 minutes
5.0 (2)Shop now

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