Are you up to the challenge?

Skydiving is on the bucket list of many people. You know you have to do it once in your life. But you just don't get around to it. Maybe an extra push will help?

Start a collection!

Get your skydive and the good cause sponsored by your friends, acquaintances or even your whole village. Because then there is no escape!

Like a sponsored run

Do you remember the sponsored run from primary school? You went running around the church. But not before you had passed the doors with a note to ask all your neighbours for a certain amount of money per lap. Well, this is exactly how it works. But for big people and with fat planes.

This is how it works!

You simply create a collection via the link below. Choose your charity, set your target amount and go. If you don't have an account with yet, your account will be taken care of when you create your fundraiser.


In the registration form, you can indicate your charity. You can choose from a list of charities we already work with. For these charities, we already know their ANBI registration and their account number. You can start right away.

Would you like to propose a charity yourself? That's possible too; just send an email to and mention which charity it is. An ANBI registration is required.

Your challenge

Do you want to do something else than skydiving? No problem! There are more challenges, such as flying in a trike, paraglider or sailing in a hot air balloon.

The collection

Once your collection has started you will receive a link that you can share with your family, neighbourhood and all your friends on social media.

Everyone can then make a donation. They can mention their name and indicate if it is visible on the site. You decide whether your fundraising campaign is visible on the site or only to those who have the link.

As soon as you have raised enough money for the experience, you will automatically receive the voucher in your mailbox. You do not have to do anything. Your fundraising will continue.

We pay the charity

Once the end date of your fundraising campaign has been reached, we will transfer the amount raised to the charity of your choice. This way you give your donors the confidence that the money goes directly to the charity.

Good luck with your fundraising and your parachute jump!

Frequently asked questions

What if there is not enough money?

If you raise money for charity and you do not raise enough for the experience, the entire proceeds will be transferred to the charity. Your donors will not be refunded. This is also clearly stated when making a donation.

Are there transaction costs?

Yes. Donors pay the costs of our payment provider themselves. These are charged at cost price. For an iDEAL payment, that is €0.39. So if someone wants to contribute €10 to your collection, they pay €10.39 with iDEAL.

Can I participate with my charity?

If your charity has an ANBI registration, you can participate. Please contact us!

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