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€ 159

Vuele usted mismo en un simulador profesional. El simulador de vuelo se mueve con el vuelo.


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Numero de personas 1 - 5
Todo el año
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Edad A partir de 12
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45 minutos € 159
60 minutos € 199
90 minutos € 289
120 minutos € 399
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Coste Airbus A320 simulador movimiento


  • El tiempo seleccionado es el tiempo en el simulador. La parte teórica se añade y dura unos 15 minutos.
  • Además del estudiante, pueden viajar en el simulador un máximo de 4 personas, sin coste adicional. A continuación, puedes intercambiar entre el alumno y el piloto durante el vuelo.
  • También puedes volar en el simulador por la noche o en fin de semana.
  • Puede hacer fotos o filmar usted mismo. Tenga en cuenta que el simulador se inclina y gira.
  • Se puede tomar esta lección a partir de los 10 años de edad, pero recomendamos al menos 12 años. Por debajo de esa edad, suele ser difícil mirar por encima del panel y puede tener problemas con la complejidad.
  • Esta lección también puede impartirse en inglés o francés.


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  • Ostende

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· Agosto 2023

Another incredible experience in the A320 full-motion sim with which I have completed the most difficult takeoffs and landings in the world: Samos (Greece), Tivat (Montenegro), Tegucigalpa (Honduras) and the highlight of the session, Paro (Bhutan) from both sides or the runway. Never in my life I would have never imagined being able to land at an airport as complex as Paro, but I successfully did that. Doing these approaches and landings surrounded by all those mountains felt so real that it's really hard to explain in words. It was truly fantastic.

On top of these, I could also practice the Ground Pneumatic and Manual Engine starts, one-engine taxi as well as crosswind takeoffs and landings, with manual thrust and heavy gust winds.

Towards the end of the session I got a big surprise challenge minutes after one of the crosswind takeoffs: a double engine-loss and immediate emergency landing with RAT and minimal electric/hydraulic systems. That was completely beyond my expectations for the session.

The instructor is an extremely knowledgeable person, and he threw at me a ton of knowledge of the A320 and what flying means. Big thank you!

  • Everything was perfect.
  • Nothing.
Jeroen van der Burg
Krimpen aan de Lek

· Mayo 2023

Onze zoon heeft enorm genoten in de Airbus flight simulator. Door zijn ervaring met Microsoft Flight Simulator kon hij vrijwel gelijk ‘echt’ vliegen.

  • Vriendelijke ontvangst door studente pilotenopleiding.
  • Tip: voorkennis / ervaring m.b.t. vliegen is eigenlijk een must om de flight simulator te laten slagen.

· Marcha 2023

Heel vriendelijk ontvangst! Goede begeleiding & hele fijne ervaring!

  • Simulatie beweegt mee met de richting.
  • /

· Agosto 2022

This was another incredible experience for me in a full-motion sim, my third one. I had a 4-hour session where I learnt a ton about the manual maneuvering of the aircraft. Prior to the session I prepared myself during the previous two months with FSLABS as much as I could. All this preparation really payed-off during the session.

We started all systems of the aircraft at Ostend airport, did some touch-and-goes, then headed to Brussels, one more touch-and-go there and a final stop. During this part of the session I could deeply experience how to manually fly the aircraft and gain more experience with engaging the Final Approach mode.

The second part was the incredible one. We started with Munich-Innsbruck and the famous Circle-to-Land approach on rwy 08. We had live weather with lots of clouds, heavy rain as well as some intense turbulence and winds. The weather, the manual flying of the aircraft and the final turn on the valley felt so realistic that I still cannot believe it. Even the instructor made remarks about how realistic the whole thing was. And I made a correct landing. It was truly AMAZING!!!

Then we did Gibraltar, Jersey at night with poor visibility and Santos Dumont in Rio de Janeiro with the steep turn in front of the hill and low altitude next to the sea. All of them were also successful.

Then I wanted to experience a Rejected Take-off and also an Engine Fire right after Take-off. We did both in Nice, France. The instructor guided me through all the steps and everything run very smoothly. Super interesting to experience all that in person.

And we made a final landing in San Sebastian, which was very cool too.

  • I couldn't enjoy the entire session more than what I did. It was extremely rewarding.

    The instructor was phenomenal. He's very knowledgeable with a ton of experience and a very strong proactive and helping attitude.

    The facilities of the company where the sim is located as well as the simulator itself are very well maintained.

    Super advisable experience for anyone eager to know how to fly an Airbus.
  • Just a few small things that didn't work in the sim during the session, but that was really not important. All the rest was top-notch.
Bultinck Jeroen

· Agosto 2022

Een eerste kennismaking naar meer…
Ik kom zeker terug voor een langere vlucht.

  • Professionele begeleiding, men speelt in op jouw ervaring en of behoeften!
  • Eventueel een mogelijkheid voorzien om een drankje (fris) of koffie te kopen

· Julio 2022

In 1 woord: geweldig!

  • De simulator op zich: indrukwekkend.
    De instructeur: fantastisch!
    De hele ervaring: super - top!!
  • Geen.
Completamente sin compromiso

€ 159

Vuele usted mismo en un simulador profesional. El simulador de vuelo se mueve con el vuelo.

  • No requiere experiencia
  • 29.182 comprado
  • Especialista en clases de vuelo
  • Intercambio gratuito

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