Glider flying lesson Terlet


Only  € 519

Learn different aspects of gliding in this exclusive one-, five- or ten-day flying course.

Persons 1
Estimated duration
April until may
Only available during in its season. Please check the validity of your voucher.
Age Min. 16 years
2.00 m
Above this length you won't be able to sit comfortably in the airplane.
100 kg
Maximum weight of the student, including clothes. For safety.
1 year
How long the voucher is valid after issue.
Within 2 weeks
They don't like the present? You may cancel the voucher in 14 days after purchasing.
See also: our return policy
5 day course € 519
10 day course € 899
  • The availability of the courses is limited. They start on set days: 27, 28, 29, 30th of april and the 1st of may 2019. The 9-day course starts only on 27 april
  • Flying depends on weather conditions. Keep in mind that you can not always fly. You will be called if the weather forecast does not allow flying
  • If the weather changes during the course day you can finish the lessons at a later time, for the multi-day courses this must be within the period of validity of the insurance. The insurance is valid for 4 weeks after the start of the course
  • The courses are only on weekdays. Club members fly in the weekend
  • The voucher is not personal, but once the course has started you can not change the participant
  • No refund will take place if the course is not completed
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