Flight training MLA/LAPL/PPL


Flight training MLA/LAPL/PPL


MLA (30 hours) Tecnam

Become a pilot. Get a course package for your MLA, LAPL or PPL license.

Corona information

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Persons 1 - 3
All year
Only available during in its season. Please check the validity of your voucher.
Age Min. 16 years
Flying lesson
How you participate: is it a flying lesson or do you fly along.
Block Time
Indicates whether the time periods listed are block times or flight times. Flight time is the time in the air. Block time means from engine on to engine off, thus including taxiing.
1.5 year
How long the voucher is valid after issue. Due the the Corona crisis, the vouchers for this experience are longer valid: one and a half year instead of one. Dit geldt alleen voor nieuwe bonnen.


MLA (30 hours) Tecnam € 4,949
LAPL: (30 hours) AT3 € 7,199
PPL: (45 hours) AT3 € 10,799
Cost Flight training MLA/LAPL/PPL


  • Due to the Coronacrisis your voucher is valid for a longer period, which is 1.5 years. So you have plenty of time to make your appointment.
  • If you are unexpectedly unable to pass the flight medical examination, you will be reimbursed for the unused part of your curriculum (only if you have done the initial examination within 2 months of purchasing your voucher)
  • Your voucher for the lesson package is valid for 1 year: you must make your first flying lesson within one year of purchasing the voucher. Your lesson credit is then valid for 3 years
  • If you need more instruction hours, you can purchase these for the usual rate. This is € 199 for the Tecnam P92, € 249 for the Aero AT-3 and € 299 per flight hour for the Cessna 172 and Blackshape Prime (subject to change)
  • For the 4 person aircraft the maximum weight (student + passengers) is 260 kg.
  • For the 2 person aircraft the maximum weight of the student is 120 kg.
  • Maximum length of the student is 2,05 m for the 4 person aircraft. For the 2 person aircraft this is 1,95 m.
  • It's not possible to pay the amount in installments. The prices are based on payment upfront.
    • Due to the extremely high petrol prices, we are asking for a small additional charge. We cannot include this in the normal prices because the surcharge is temporary. The surcharge applies only to Lelystad and is € 10 per flight hour. If you fly for a shorter time it is less, so for example €5 for a half hour flight. You may, of course, postpone your flight until the price of fuel has dropped, but please note the expiry date of your voucher.


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