Give the gift of flying

The 8 coolest gifts for Father's Day

The 8 coolest gifts for Father's Day

Laura van Houtum

Father's Day gifts

Your father has been there for you all year. For small or big jobs, to help you move, solicited and unsolicited advice. How nice is it then to give something back on Father's Day?
A nice flying experience, for example. We have a lot of them. These are our tips for Father's Day!
1. Flying lessons in a sports plane

Our absolute number 1 for Father's Day: the Basic flight lesson. Your father flies together with an instructor in a two-seater sports plane. This is one of our most popular flying lessons, and with good reason! It is a super fun plane to fly with a good price-quality ratio. This flying lesson is available from 6 locations.

Basic flying lesson Lelystad
Basic flying lesson Lelystad

Flying lessons without passengers. Fly with an instructor in an airplane for two people.

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Geef een gedrukte cadeaubon met ons theorieboekje.
Voor 16.00 uur besteld, morgen verstuurd!

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2. Cessna flying lesson

Would you rather go up in the air with your father? You read it correctly! The Cessna is a four-seater plane. So your father can take two passengers with him while he flies the plane. So your father can impress you with his flying skills. The Cessna flying lessons are given at 4 locations, namely: Lelystad, Hilversum, Teuge and Aachen.

Cessna flying lesson Lelystad
Cessna flying lesson Lelystad

Flying lesson with passengers. Fly with your instructor and 1 or 2 passengers in a Cessna 172

3. Flying trikes

Let your father experience the freedom under the delta wing. He flies in an open trike with a rear engine. Trike flying is a form of hang gliding, but with an engine. You often see the hang gliders in the mountains, then they are flown without an engine. In this variant, you fly together with the pilot in the trike, with a propeller on the back. Trike flying is often compared to motorcycling, it feels just as free!

Flying a Trike
Flying a Trike

Feel the freedom under a delta wing. You fly in an open trike with the engine on the back.

4. Boeing 737 full motion simulator

Would your father prefer to stay on the ground? That is possible too. Your father flies in a flight simulator with a moving cabin. This makes it feel as if your father is flying a large passenger aeroplane. The cockpit is not only an exact replica, all the buttons and instruments work just like in real life. The Boeing 737 full motion simulator is available in Lelystad. Does your father prefer to fly an Airbus A320? That is possible at the Ostend location.

Boeing 737 full-motion simulator
Boeing 737 full-motion simulator

Fly in a professional simulator. This flight simulator moves while flying, so you can 'feel' the plane.

5. Skydiving

Is your father a real daredevil? Then he really must have done this once. Jump from a height of 3 km above Texel, Ameland, Zeeland, Breda or Spa. The first 2 kilometres are free fall. It goes at a whopping 200 km/h. After that, he whirls quietly downwards on a parachute. He jumps together with an experienced instructor. An absolute bucket list item!
For the real daredevils: from Texel you can also jump from a height of 4 kilometres! The free fall then lasts twice as long!

Skydive Texel
Skydive Texel

Jump together with an instructor with a free fall. From 9000 or 13000 feet height.

6. Helicopter flying lesson

Few people can say that they have piloted a helicopter. So it is not easy. But your father can do everything, so that's no problem at all.
Does he want to take a peek beforehand at what's going to happen? Do you want something tangible to give as a present? When ordering, choose the gift pack by post. You will then receive the gift certificate together with our theory booklet on flying a helicopter.

Helicopter flying lesson Lelystad
Helicopter flying lesson Lelystad

Flying lesson in a two-person helicopter. Fly together with an instructor, without passengers.

7. First flying lesson in a stunt plane

Did you like the Helicopter flight lesson? Then we have something that's even a little bit cooler: a flying lesson in a stunt plane. This is not just a first flying lesson, but your dad will also experience spiral dives, loops, spins, high turns and much more together with the instructor. Only for the really tough dads!

Aerobatics Extra 330 Aachen
Aerobatics Extra 330 Aachen

Come fly aerobatics in the Extra 330 high performance airplane. Only for adrenaline junkies

8. Can't choose?

If you can't choose we also have gift vouchers with an amount. These vouchers can be exchanged for anything on the website. We have them in all kinds of values between 20 and 500 euros.

Are you as excited as we are?

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