Multi-engine flying lesson


Multi-engine flying lesson


30 minutes

Fly in a multi-engine airplane. Two passengers can fly with you.

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Persons 1 - 3
All year
Only available during in its season. Please check the validity of your voucher.
Age Min. 8 years
2.05 m
Maximum height of the participant
220 kg
Maximum total weight of student and passengers, excluding the instrutor.
Flying lesson
How you participate: is it a flying lesson or do you fly along.
Block Time
Indicates whether the time periods listed are block times or flight times. Flight time is the time in the air. Block time means from engine on to engine off, thus including taxiing.
2 year
How long the voucher is valid after issue. Dit geldt alleen voor nieuwe bonnen.


30 minutes € 399
45 minutes € 449
60 minutes € 499
75 minutes € 549
90 minutes € 599
Cost Multi-engine flying lesson


  • This is a four-person aircraft. In addition to the student, you can therefore take one or two passengers
  • You do not pay extra for the passengers; the prices are the total for the aircraft. You are the only ones on board
  • The chosen time is the time in the plane. Allow about 40 minutes for theory, preparation and such
  • Flying is only possible with sufficient visibility and not too much wind
  • Call the location the day of your flight if we can fly safely. You will receive the number with your reservation
  • Depending on the (weather) conditions and how busy it is there may be some delay
  • This flying lesson is also available in English
    • Due to the extremely high petrol prices, we are asking for a small additional charge. We cannot include this in the normal prices because the surcharge is temporary. The surcharge applies only to Lelystad and is € 10 per flight hour. If you fly for a shorter time it is less, so for example €5 for a half hour flight. You may, of course, postpone your flight until the price of fuel has dropped, but please note the expiry date of your voucher.


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30 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes
75 minutes
90 minutes



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2 reviews

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Jonathan Zur (60)

· June 2021

The experience was graet

  • The pilot Ronald
    The two engine airplane is really nice
Andrew (23)

· July 2020

Great experience, very fun with a friendly instructor and other staff.

  • A great chance to practice real life takeoff and landing.
  • The GoPro recording got cut after about 20 minutes so the rest of the flight was not on video as I wanted, especially the landing which is the most important part.
Joeri of
Thank you for sharing your experience and the point for improvement.
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