Flight training MLA/LAPL/PPL

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The MLA and LAPL package have 30 flight hours and the PPL package 45. The lesson package for the MLA license is flown in a Tecnam P92 2000RG. You can upgrade this to a Blackshape Prime. For the package of the LAPL and PPL you fly in an Aero AT3. For an additional fee you can upgrade this to a Cessa 172. In that case, 2 passengers can fly at no extra cost.

Type of aircraft

You can choose from the standard aircraft or an upgrade. For the MLA training, the upgrade is from the Tecnam P92 to the Blackshape Prime. For the LAPL and PPL the upgrade is from an Aero AT3 to a Cessna 172. In the Cessna, passengers can fly along during the flight lessons, without extra costs.

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Total amount: € 4949

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Flight training MLA/LAPL/PPL
MLA (30 hours) Tecnam 4,949
Standard aircraft 0
Total including VAT 4,949

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