Skydiving is possible from 5 fantastic locations. The options and pricing differ per location. You can change this later.

Locations skydiving

Skydiving is possible from 5 locations througout the Netherlands. Because the offerings per location differ quite a lot, we have made separate listings for them. This way we keep the number of options while ordering smaller.

For example skydiving on Texel is possible from an altitude of 13.000 feet (4 km) or 9.000 feet (3 km). From other locations it is only possible from 9.000 feet altitude. Also, the options for the video recordings differ. On Texel, Breda and Hoogeveen another jumper will film your jump. But Midden-Zeeland and Ameland use a handycam mounted on the wrist of the instructor.

The number of tandems that fit in one plane differs per location. Other differences are in the minimum age (from 8 to 12 years old), the maximum weight of the participant (95 to 105 kg) and also the price. Prices vary between € 199 and € 214.

Click on the location of your preference to see more info and make a booking or compare the locations here.

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