Cirrus flying lesson Kortrijk


Cirrus flying lesson Kortrijk


30 minutes

Flying lesson with passenger. Fly with your instructor and one passenger in a Cirrus SR20

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Persons 1 - 2
All year
Only available during in its season. Please check the validity of your voucher.
Age Min. 12 years
2.10 m
Maximum height of the participant
240 kg
Maximum total weight of student and passengers, excluding the instrutor.
Flying lesson
How you participate: is it a flying lesson or do you fly along.
Block Time
Indicates whether the time periods listed are block times or flight times. Flight time is the time in the air. Block time means from engine on to engine off, thus including taxiing.
2 year
How long the voucher is valid after issue. Dit geldt alleen voor nieuwe bonnen.


30 minutes € 189
45 minutes € 279
60 minutes € 379
75 minutes € 469
90 minutes € 569
Cost Cirrus flying lesson Kortrijk


  • In addition to the student, you may bring one passenger
  • Prices are the total for the plane, including any passenger. You are the only ones on board
  • The chosen time is the time in the plane. Count on about 40 minutes for theory, preparation, etc.
  • There will only be flown in daylight, with sufficient visibility and if it is not too windy
  • The instructor will call you the day before if it is safe to fly. You fill in your phone number when booking
  • Lessons are flown between 9.00 and 18.00 hours
  • Depending on the (weather) conditions and crowds at the airport, the agreed times may be a little later
  • The lesson can also be given in English or French
  • Is the student younger than 12 years old? Please contact us about the possibilities.


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