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Helicopter lessons

Flying lessons in a helicopter

Helicopter flying lesson
Flying lesson in a two-person helicopter. Fly together with an instructor, without passengers.
30 minutes
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Helicopter with passengers
Flying lesson in a four-person helicopter. Fly with an instructor and two friends.
30 minutes
5.0 (18)Shop now

About the category helicopter lessons

We have to admit it, helicopter flying is only for the happy few. Helicopters are complex machines. They can take off and land almost everywhere, making them very useful for medical services and taking VIP's from A to B.

But because the machines are so complex, the flying lessons are quite more expensive than a flying lessons in an usual light airplane.

However, with these experiences you can see for yourself how difficult it is to steer an helicopter. But maybe, you are really talented and just fly away with it. There's only one way to find out!

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